How you could save $400 on car insurance

A recent survey found a surprising admission by American drivers that's costing them big bundles of money every year. Many American drivers don't even bother to shop around for car insurance.

"38 percent of people have not done a price check on their auto insurance in at least three years and some of them have never done one," said  Kimberly Palmer with

Nerdwallet asked more than 2,000 drivers about shopping for car insurance, and found those who don't miss out an average savings of $416 per year.

"I think a lot of times people are unaware of how much they could be saving and so they sign up for car insurance and then they just set it to auto renew, they get the bill in the mail, they pay it and they don't even think about it," Palmer said.

Comparison sites have made checking prices with multiple insurance companies much easier to do.

Geico, and Progressive both offer the service. If you want to try a site that is not affiliated with an insurance company, you can try Expect to spend about 15 minutes answering questions about yourself, your commute and your vehicle. 

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