Apps to help you stop texting while driving

Beginning Sept.1, texting and  driving in Texas will be illegal. Even if you're not worried about a ticket, texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to get into a car accident. Consumer expert Amy Davis is sharing some apps to help you or your children break the texting and driving habit.

Between emails, texts and phone calls, distracted driving is a very real temptation. You hear the ping or notification that you've received a new text, and you feel compelled to pick up your phone and check it.

With these three free apps, you won't have to see or hear those incoming messages. 

AT&T has developed an app called DriveMode. You don't have to be an AT&T customer to use it on your iPhone or Android. It silences all incoming texts and sends auto-reply messages to people texting you letting them know you're behind the wheel. The app automatically turns on when you're behind the wheel and going at least 15 miles per hour.

Drive Safe.ly works similarly just for Androids and Blackberrys; but you do have to turn it on when you get behind the wheel. It announces callers by name and reads texts messages or emails aloud and then sends the texter a message letting them know you are driving.

The third app is Lifesaver for parents who worry about their children texting and driving. Parents can remotely lock their kid's phone while the car is in motion. Once the car stops, the phone will unlock. You can also set the Lifesaver app to tell you when your child has left one place and then you'll get an alert when they have arrived at their next destination.