A Seen on TV Tuesday: 3 Second Brow

An infomercial for the 3 Second Brow caught Britta Merwin's attention, so consumer expert Amy Davis asked her and Rachel McNeill to bare their brows.

"I have gotten to the point where I'll barely leave the house without my brows on," McNeill said.

Each has her own method to define and fill in her eyebrows that takes several minutes, but 3 seconds is unheard of.

"I just thought it looked really cool, and if anything can save time in the morning, I'm up for trying it,"
Merwin said.

They each removed makeup they applied to conceal the bare spots.

The 3 Second Brow kit comes with stamps, one for a soft arch and one called a structured arch.

A user dabs the stamp on the brow powder in the compact and stamp it on. The results were breathtaking.

"I feel like this is a fail," McNeill said. "I look like Groucho Marx!"

"Wow, that is terrifying,' Merwin said.

The product left a line of heavy powder on Merwin's accentuated eyebrow.

"You're going to be able to tell that it's not real," Merwin said.

"I'm going to go shopping just like this. Go to the makeup counter and say, 'I think I need to do lips,' and see if they say anything," McNeill joked.

The product, which costs $14.99 at Walmart, lives up to one promise: It takes only 3 seconds. But given the results, you might want to spend a little more time fixing your eyebrows.