How to get a personal shopper for free

Not everyone enjoys shopping for clothes, and those who do don't always have the time to hunt and peck and browse. Did you know some stores will do all that work for you?

Consumer expert Amy Davis found some major stores in Houston that provide personal shoppers and stylists for free. There is no obligation  to purchase anything. The stylists do everything for you.

You can book appointments online at Nordstrom's personal stylist department.  A stylist will contact you within 24 hours.

Personal stylist Mackenzie emailed Davis with six questions including sizes, favorite fabrics or designers, things she definitely does not like, how she would describe her style and budget.

When she showed up for her appointment 48 hours later, Mackenzie had a dressing room stocked with about a dozen outfits, matching shoes and accessories. While almost all of the selections matched Davis's criteria, Mackenzie said stylists do try to push people outside the box to introduce them to new styles and designers.

The fun part is trying everything on with someone there to help you make those tough decisions.

"I don't love the jacket with the dress," Mackenzie told Davis.

You can buy everything or nothing.

"I can't do that price tag," Davis confessed to Mackenzie about one dress she otherwise really liked.

"Oh! That's easy," Mackenzie said. "I'll just watch it for you. When it goes on sale, I'll let you know."
It's not just Nordstrom that offers the experience.

My Stylist at Macy's is available at the Galleria, Memorial City Mall and Willowbrook Mall. You can get a code for 20 percent off when you book your appointment online.

Anthropologie has the service in Highland Village, City Centre and the Woodlands Mall.

At Nordstrom and Macy's, personal shoppers will help you select gifts for weddings, birthdays and special occasions. They can even gift wrap it, include a message from you and send it.