As Seen on TV Tuesday: Testing Red Copper Cookware

If you like to cook, you probably wouldn't think about buying your cooking essentials from the "As Seen on TV" aisle of a drug store.

But that is where you'll find Red Copper cookware. It's getting a lot of attention for the claims in the commercial. 

"You can flambe desserts. Broil flaky fish or bake chicken parmesan. Everything slides right out," says the woman in the Red Copper video on You Tube

Red Copper promises no scraping or scrubbing stuck-on food again. To test out that claim, we asked chef Jason Lister to whip up breakfast, making every dish in a Red Copper pan.

His menu: Scrambled eggs, omelettes and french toast with a sticky whiskey banana glaze topping.  The omelette folded right over and slid right out of the pan just like in the commercial. The scrambled eggs didn't stick either. And the caramelly sauce made with brown sugar and butter slid out like butter.

"It works as advertised," Lister said. "It cleans up nicely. However, given the fact that it hasn't been around very long there's no way to know if the effects or the benefits of the copper skillet will last years down the road."

Red Copper is also safe for the oven and the dishwasher. For $19.99, it definitely seems like it could make your life easier in the kitchen.