Sunday Conversations: Houston Rodeo announcer Andy Seiler

HOUSTON – Every day at Rodeo Houston, there’s the barrel racing, the steer wrestling and the bull riding.

And every event is called by a very special trio of announcers. Two who have worked the rodeo for decades and one who joined the team just five years ago.

KPRC sat down with them to find out why announcer Andy Seiler feels so lucky each day he goes to work.

Seiler knows just how special it is to be part of the Rodeo Houston announcing team.

"I have to pinch myself," he said.

A dream come true because of the guys he gets to work with every day -- Bob Tallman and Boyd Polhamus.

"I mean, Bob and Boyd were two voices that were synonymous with Rodeo when I was growing up," he said. "For me, I mean, being able to work with them, it’s almost like going in your backyard and playing football with Brett Favre and Joe Montana."

Mentored by those legends of the sport, Andy’s quickly making a name for himself too.

"I think the team that we have, with their history and experience, with my youth and energy, it’s something that I cherish and makes me want to come back to Houston every year," he said.

Among Andy’s jobs at Rodeo Houston is calling the calf scramble.

Students scatter across the dirt floor at NRG, hoping to catch a calf under the stadium’s spotlights, and in turn, land money they can use to buy an animal to show next year.

"The calf scramble program is something that has given back over $13 million to the youth in Texas," he said. "It’s our way of giving back. We want to do all that we can on the entertainment side so that people want to come watch the show and the dollars that we bring in go right back to the youth of Texas, and that’s something the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo does."

That pride in how much the Rodeo benefits students is something Bob and Boyd, Andy’s mentors, echoed when KPRC's Christine Noel sat down with them, too.

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