10 cool and creepy Halloween makeup looks you can achieve at home


If you're scrambling at the last minute, preparing for a costume contest or are just so over the generic costumes offered at party stores, look no further.

Here are some unique, but achievable makeup looks you can do at home. Just follow along with these talented artists as they share how to create the most stand-out costume looks this Halloween. 

Ventriloquist doll and galaxy costume

Rebecca Capel shares her tips and tricks in creating a ventriloquist doll and galaxy costume makeup looks in one of her YouTube videos. Capel gives step by step instructions for viewers to follow along and use only 10 affordable, drug-store makeup products.


1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Apply a bright pink eyeshadow to lids and blend into crease. Add false lashes.
3.    Apply white gel liner to waterline and lower lash line to make eyes appear larger.
4.    Apply pink eyeshadow beneath white liner. Apply a darker pink shadow between the light shade and white liner.
5.    Apply mascara to lower lashes.
6.    Apply very pink blush to apples of the cheeks. 
7.    Create faux freckles using brown-colored makeup product such as an eyebrow pencil.
8.    Line lips and apply bright pink lipstick.
9.    Using black liner, draw a thin line straight down from each corner of the lips to the bottom of the jaw.


1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Apply a bright pink eyeshadow to lids and blend into crease. Add false lashes.
3.    Apply turquoise shadow to upper cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner corner of eyes and blend slightly beneath the eyes.
4.    Blend lavender eyeshadow beneath the turquoise.
5.    Fill in gaps between lavender and turquoise with pink eyeshadow.
6.    Apply white shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter to the inner corner of eyes, down the bridge of nose and over the high points of the cheeks.
7.    Create stars all over cheeks using white liquid liner.

Online beauty influence Stephanie Toms offers step by step instructions to achieve several creative Halloween makeup looks including a skeleton, wildcat, clown, unicorn and spiderweb. Toms provides a list of 12 drug-store makeup products she used in her tutorials.




1.    Use a lighter than skin-tone foundation or white face paint. 
2.    Use a generous amount of powder to create an extra matte finish. 
3.    Fill in brows dramatically with black gel liner. 
4.    Apply black gel liner to eyelids and blend. 
5.    Create a tear-shaped nose using a felt tip black liner. Set with powder.
6.    Outline cheekbones with black gel liner. Shade in with black eyeshadow.
7.    Draw a horizontal line across your inner lips using felt tip liner. Draw teeth.
8.    Shade center of lips with black eyeshadow.


1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal.
2.    Contour with matte bronzer.
3.    Use dark gray and black tone eyeshadows to achieve the cat-eye look.
4.    Create a dark crease. Smoke out lower lash line then tight line the waterline.
5.    Create a cat nose using felt tip black liner. Draw a line down from the tip of the nose to cupids bow.
6.    Add dots around mouth. Draw whiskers.
7.    Fill in upper lip with black lipstick and extend the lip line using felt tip black liner.


1.    Apply white face paint to the entire face. Go over the ears if they're going to be visible.
2.    Apply black gel liner on eyelids and beneath the lower lash line. Tight line with a black liner.
3.    Set with a matte black eyeshadow. Blend eye makeup to appear hollower.
4.    Draw out a skeleton-like nose using black felt tip liner. 
5.    Draw a narrow triangle above each eyebrow.
6.    Follow natural lip shape and dramatically overline using black felt tip liner.
7.    Create super long and creepy teeth over lips. Fill in gaps with black gel liner.
8.    Apply red lipsticks to drawn out lips, outside of fake teeth. Sharpen lip line by outlining fake lips with black felt tip liner.


1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Contour cheekbones, temples and jawline with lilac eyeshadow. Go over with pink eyeshadow to add dimension.
3.    Apply peach-colored eyeshadow to crease of eyelids. 
4.    Apply lilac eyeshadow to eyelids. Add turquoise shade to the lower lash line.
5.    Tight line waterline with white liner to make eyes appear larger. Apply shimmery white highlighter or eyeshadow to inner corner.
6.    Excessively apply highlighter to upper cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow.
7.    Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.
8.    Add a decorative face jewel to center of forehead.
9.    Create an ombre lip using a lighter shade lip color in the center of the lips and darker color on the outside. Add holographic lip gloss on top. 



1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Fill in eyebrows as normal.
3.    Contour cheekbones.
4.    Using a burgundy eyeshadow, blend the color into the crease. Blend the color beneath the lower lash line.
5.    Apply black eyeshadow to eyelids. Blend shadows together.
6.    Apply an excessive amount of mascara to achieve ‘spider lashes.'
7.    Fill in lips with matte black liquid lipstick. Add black gloss.
8.    Draw spiderwebs below outer corner of each eye using black felt tip liner.

Giulianna Maria shares how to master the cool neon rainbow and hybrid pumpkin skeleton makeup looks in two of her YouTube tutorial videos.

Neon Rainbow Skull

1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Apply primer to eyelids. Apply gray eyeshadow to outer corner and blend into crease.
3.    Little by little, apply black eyeshadow to outer corner and blend all over lid.
4.    Sketch out guidelines using a white makeup pencil. Go over with black makeup pencil.
5.    Draw fake teeth over lips using black makeup pencil.
6.    Fill in hollow areas with black gel liner. 
7.    Add neon eyeshadows to outline of bones. Create an ombre effect by blending the start of a new color with the end of the last color. Use a new brush for each color.
8.    Apply hydra liners over the corresponding color. Use a new brush for each color.
9.    Darken black areas with black eyeshadow.
10.    Create an illusion by mixing colored hydra liners with white hydra liner and thinly highlight over the colored lines.
11.    Add defining lines below the cheekbones and between each tooth.
12.    Apply a thin stroke of white hydra liner in the center of the neon lines.
13.    For a finishing touch, apply false lashes and wear white contacts.


Pumpkin Skull

1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Using an orange eyeshadow, create the lines of a pumpkin on your forehead.
3.    Using the same orange eyeshadow outline slightly above the cheekbone.
4.    Follow tutorial and copy placement of lines.
5.    Apply primer to eyelids. Blend orange eyeshadow into crease and below lower lash line.
6.    Using black eyeshadow, outline a triangle over the eyelids.
7.    Go over lines with more orange eyeshadow.
8.    Cover lips with foundation. Apply orange eyeshadow to center of lips and blend out.
9.    Blend orange eyeshadow around jawline.
10.    Create teeth over lips using orange eyeshadow. Go over lines with brown eyeshadow.
11.    Add depth by going over all lines on face with brown eyeshadow.
12.    Extend line from middle of forehead over the bridge of the nose. 
13.    Draw out a skeleton-like, triangle shape nose using eyeshadow. Connect with the line running down the bridge of nose.
14.    Using black gel liner, trace over outlines and create a guide for the teeth.
15.    Fill in triangle shape on nose and eyes with black gel liner.
16.    Add false lashes.


Beauty influencer Roxi, know as ROXXSAURUS on social media, shares how to create a simple half skull mask in her step by step tutorial on YouTube.

Half Skull

1.    Apply foundation and concealer as normal. Set with powder.
2.    Outline nose of skull using black gel liner or face paint.
3.    Create an outline of the skull.
4.    Extend lip line and draw teeth over the lips.
5.    Use a flat brush and white face paint to fill in teeth and appropriate areas.
6.    Apply a second coat of white over each tooth to create dimension.
7.    Using black, create and fill in hollow areas of the jawline.
8.    Define line separating skull mask from face.
9.    Shade in hollow areas of the skull using black and go over the separating lines of each tooth.
10.   Using a black eyeshadow, shade and blend hollow areas of the skull.
11.   Using a precision brush, lightly outline teeth with black eyeshadow.
12.   Fill in bottom section of the skull mask with white face paint.
13.   Follow tutorial and add detailed lines using black eyeshadow.
14.   Lightly shade the appropriate areas with black eyeshadow.
15.   Complement with a smoky black eyeshadow look and apply mascara.



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