Gator surprises spring breakers after washing up on beach

By Jake Reiner - Reporter

HOUSTON - An alligator going on spring break at the beach is a strange concept until it actually happens.

"(We) let the dogs out to play, they took off running jumping over the logs and one of the logs wasn't a log," said Monica O'Carroll, who took her mother, sister and niece to Quintana Beach for spring break on Tuesday.

With mating season in full swing, the alligator didn't care so much about the people watching.

"With all the floodwaters we have, all the rivers are pushing (alligators) out to the Gulf," said Jim Bob Van Dyke, a Texas game warden. He added the waves have the capability to drown the gator if the surf gets too rough.

For everyone's safety and to continue the show, Van Dyke jumped into action to rescue the gator. He was able to not only catch him with the rope but he strategically tired him out so he could safely take him to a marsh.

Van Dyke said if you see an alligator on the beach make sure you keep your distance, don't bother it and call the authorities.

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