Say it ain’t snow!

March of 2021, from

As they say, pick your poison....while we brace for another day of record heat, Denver begins a day of winter storm warnings! Where would you rather be?

Hot Houston, Winter Denver

The same front that will move through here Sunday is moving through the Rockies today and tomorrow triggering what looks to be a winter wonder mess. Snow amounts today through Sunday could reach 10″ in Denver and two feet in the mountains!

Colorado will be cold and snowy all weekend

That front does make it here Sunday promising much needed rain for Texas, from west to east:

Rain for Texas, finally! Courtesy NOAA

Rain amounts for Sunday here aren’t expected to exceed much over an inch, but more rain next week could add up to several inches. We don’t anticipate flooding, but it doesn’t take much so keep a close eye to the sky, especially next Wednesday! In the meantime, here’s your Houston hot weekend -- at least half of it:

Hot again today and tomorrow with rain Sunday

Stay cool and be safe this weekend! Oh, and if you’re headed to Colorado, good luck!


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