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Yesterday was National Hanging Out Day (isn’t there a day for everything now?) and a Click2Pins viewer in Columbus toasted the day hanging out with a friend:

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While this day could be construed as a patio wine opportunity, the real meaning is like the cover photo: remember the days when mom hung the clothes out to dry in the crisp, sweet April air? Nothing like fresh, natural smells (okay, pollen, but that’s another blog). The official page for Hanging Out Day is right here.

National Hanging Out day is to encourage, if nothing else, a break from those energy-using appliances we have all grown so accustomed to and which increase our carbon footprint day to day. There is a whole group known as Project Laundry dedicated to increasing the use of clotheslines and they take this measure seriously as a means to save money and save the planet. To wit: hanging your clothes outdoors to dry could save $25 a month in electric costs, make your clothes smell better and last longer, give you a little exercise and the list goes on. This group even takes HOAs to task who have made it against the neighborhood rules to have an outdoor clothesline! Accordingly, you have “the right to dry”!

As we approach Earth Day this Friday, outdoor drying is one idea to Go Green in today’s world. Here’s a list from The Gardening Cook for other simple ideas:

from thegardeningcook.com

Speaking of cooks

The Gardening Cook website has tons of home ideas for a “cleaner” kitchen and now The Washington Post is dropping its paywall today through Friday so readers can access ideas for environmentally-friendly recipes and cooking!

Called “Ecokitchen,” this 8-week email course guides readers through sustainable recipes and cooking practices to minimize their environmental footprint in the kitchen. Anchored by Priyanka Naik, a low-waste chef and author of “The Modern Tiffin: On-the-Go Vegan Dishes with a Global Flair,” the newsletter will show readers how to minimize water use, reuse common items, decrease food waste and implement energy saving tips.

You can sign up with your email address at this link.

What’s your plan to pitch in for Earth Day this Friday? I’d love to hear!


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