More rain, heavier rain for us?

courtesy Tammy Lobaugh

Climate Central today came out with more information about just how the nation is faring with precipitation and the bottom line is that here in Houston we’re seeing rain more often and more of it! Two key points:

  • 72% of 246 locations evaluated have seen an increase in the amount of rain falling on their annual wettest day since 1950, especially in the Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic.
  • A broader analysis of 2568 stations shows that, in 2021, 15% had one of their top ten annual wettest days on record. Thirty-seven of those sites took the top spot.

Houston is in the same arena and this chart simply says that when it DOES rain, it rains heavier than in past years. The trend the past 70 years is upward.

Courtesy Climate Central

Those big spikes at the end of the line represent Harvey and Imelda.

Across the nation, Climate Central looked at some of the wettest days including the top ten wettest and southeast Texas continues to break records:

Southeast Texas has seen some of its wettest days this year courtesy Climate Central

A recent NOAA climate report also indicates increasing precipitation for the nation and for our area, especially in summer and fall (which stand to reason given tropical weather):

From NOAA you can see the dark green across southeast Texas indicating at least a 15% increase in precip

The full NOAA climate report is right here.

Your Flood Risk

Also linked in the Climate Central report is a really interesting tool to assess the Flood Risk for your particular zip code. All you have to do is head to this Flood Factor link and enter your zip code which will show you just what the flood risk is from minimal to extreme. The results just might surprise you!

The bottom line is that warm air holds more moisture and the more there is, the more frequency we’ll experience of rain falling and falling in rates that cause minor to major flooding. You don’t need me to tell you what a nightmare that can be.

At least it’s Hump Day! Have a good one!


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