Grab the jacket!


Happy Hump Day and get ready for a Bump Day! That slow-moving cold front will produce a few isolated thunderstorms along with 1-2 inches of rain between this afternoon and tomorrow morning. The rain on the way is right there to our west this morning:


Here’s our Futurecast for 6 p.m. and for 6 a.m. Thursday. You can see how the rains move in and linger:

Showers continue all day
Messy commute tomorrow morning

I’m not expecting any widespread flooding but a spot or two on low-lying roads could certainly see a bit of ponding, so watch the travel from this afternoon through tomorrow morning. And then temperatures get CHILLY around here. Look at Thursday morning’s sweater weather and then Friday morning’s jacket weather! A few 30s to the north would not surprise me on Friday!

Chilly Sweater Weather
On the edge of upper 30s northern areas!

The good news is that a stellar weekend is in store (not to mention that extra hour of sleep!) and we DO get a nice warm up next week. This is pretty typical November weather for us:



We can certainly have cold snaps around here and you will recall that we had 80s in February of this year before cratering to single digits Valentine’s Day! So don’t be so sure we can’t have another freezing round of temps. But for now the long term three-month forecast calls for WARM and DRY:

NOAA forecast
NOAA forecast

It’s hard to predict the future, as Mattress Mack will tell you, and to that end CONGRATULATIONS to our ASTROS! They made us proud this year and good luck to all of them!

Have a warm weekend, if you can!


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