What to know about our cold front!

Our cold front is on the way

These first cold fronts often fizzle so it’s nice to see one on the maps that is really going to make it! In fact, this one may arrive a little early.

Here is the front this morning cutting through the nation’s midsection:

National Satellite view

So expect today and tomorrow to make it into the 90s before the front arrives tomorrow evening. And with the front we’ll see a line of showers, some of which could get severe. Here’s one model forecast for 7 p.m. tomorrow night:

Futurecast Radar

Once that sails through, then the northerly winds kick in the dry, cool air. Here’s the American model forecast for temperatures Wednesday and Thursday. You’ll notice some lows in the 50s!

Wed Highs
Thursday Lows
Thursday Highs

The big Texans vs Panthers game Thursday will be in for some terrific tailgating weather! Our team will be out there broadcasting LIVE!

Full moon tonight

By the way, tonight’s full moon is the one closest to the autumnal equinox (fall) which occurs Wednesday, and that is the one coined “The Harvest Moon”. Enjoy!


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