Cinco de Mayo weather: Margarita perfect!

Crisp and Cool Weather!
Crisp and Cool Weather!

After a messy weekend start, Sunday certainly turned out nice for us. Now, another front is knocking on the door for tomorrow which means a cloudy and wet Tuesday. Here’s the current surface analysis and you can see the cold front that is already moving across Texas:

Cold Front on the Way Tomorrow

The front is not particularly strong, but today we will juice the atmosphere ahead of it. That being said, finding more than half an inch of rain overnight and into tomorrow will be tough even though I never rule out an isolated thunderstorm with a good downpour! Here’s the front tomorrow morning:

Front Tomorrow

The red area for strong storms is well north of us, but I’d plan on a slower commute tomorrow morning. Then the front moves through by Tuesday evening and that leaves us with this Wednesday set up:

Crisp Northeast Wind Wednesday

Clear and crisp like a fresh margarita for Cinco de Mayo!

Wednesday’s forecast

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