RADAR: It’s for the birds (and bugs)!

The Migration Begins courtesy outtherecolorado.com
The Migration Begins courtesy outtherecolorado.com

We had a viewer question this morning about green radar circles around Fort Bend County when, in fact, there was no rain. This kind of bloom is bugs going out for their morning feed (they stir up a lot of dust at the buffet) and/or birds going after the bugs. It’s the circle of life. We see it in the evening around the country with bats.

Radar showing a bug-fest

Here’s a terrific blog explanation I found from Noah Lock.

Which brings me to the time of year when we see migratory birds heading south for the winter. Just last May, Key West radar caught a magnificent migration moving north, click below to see some “natural fireworks”!

We’ve seen a lot of Hawks migrating and it’s that time of year. You’ll notice in this previous (2018) Houston National Weather Service post the thick, green lines indicating bird migration:

From Sept 2018 look for this again soon!

And as beautiful as hawks are, they can be a little scary. Keep your small pets away!

Tweet from Jose @G_Jose_

Keeping up with the birds

The VERY BEST way to follow the bird migration is to follow Team Birdcast on Twitter. Led by Dr. Birdcast, their mission is “Forecasting and analyzing bird migration with weather, radar, and community science data.”

Yesterday’s big temperature drop in Colorado is sure to get those migratory birds heading south and Team Birdcast put this out just the other day:

from Team Birdcast on Twitter

So check it all out and enjoy a different kind of ‘birding’!


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