August continues to sizzle as Heat Advisory may be extended through Friday

Summer Front
Summer Front

Houston is in the hottest month of the year and is so far living up to that reputation. Within the past five days, Bush Intercontinental Airport has seen highs of 97, 98 and 101 degrees on Wednesday! With only stray afternoon showers our weather story is really about the heat and humidity. “Feels like” temperatures will be dangerously high today between 108 and 110 degrees. The Heat Advisory has been extended through Saturday. The advisory is in effect from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. It is expected that the Heat Advisory will be extended yet again on Sunday.

Heat Advisory

A stubborn area of high pressure continues to dominate the weather story keeping the heat high and storm chances low but we could be in for a change early next week. Early next week the ridge of high pressure that has had southeast Texas sweating it out will push off to our west. At the same time, a weak cold front will be drifting in from the north.

A cold front could cut the humidity and slightly cooler mornings next week

If the front does clear the coast humidity would be lower and morning temperatures would be comfortable. Afternoon temperatures would still be in the 90s. What we can count on is higher storm chances early next week.

10 Day Forecast

As we’ll continue to see some dangerous heat over the next couple of days, always, always remember that it is too hot to leave pets or kids in the cars. In less than 30 min, temperatures could climb to nearly 130 degrees. Dangerous heat means look before you lock.

Never leave kids or pets in hot cars!

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