Summer swelter in full force as we head toward 4th of July weekend


HOUSTON – Rain was on the retreat while temperatures trended upward in Houston over the weekend. That trend will continue this week. Here is what you need to know about our weather to be prepared:


Heat is going to be the weather headline for the week ahead. It won’t be record heat but expect temperatures to be slightly above normal with high humidity in place every day. Right now the normal high temperature in Houston is 93 degrees. On Monday, expect us to be very close to that, with highs reaching 92 in the city.

“Feels Like” temperatures, however, will be closer to 100 degrees during the hottest part of the day. Great weather for enjoying some pool time!

High temperatures, Monday, June 29, 2020

By mid-week, a ridge of high pressure will be centered directly over Texas. That ridge will help to keep our weather hot and rain-free. Highs will hover near 96 degrees each day, but with high humidity, the “feels like” temperature will be well into the triple digits.

High pressure keeps Houston hot and dry through mid-week.

Saharan Dust

The plume of Saharan dust that arrived Friday was unusually thick. Expect another plume to arrive as early as Tuesday and linger through Thursday. This plume won’t be as impressive, but it may cause more hazy conditions and it certainly will help to reinforce our stable weather pattern. And, as always, the dust may cause respiratory irritation for some, so staying in an air-conditioned building will help.

Another Saharan dust plume set to blanket Houston this week.

July 4th Changes

As July 4th approaches, the high pressure ridge will migrate west, signaling a return of rain to the area. Disturbances migrating around the periphery of the ridge will begin to impact southeast Texas, so expect afternoon showers and storms to percolate beginning Saturday. Right now, it looks like showers will die down by evening, leaving the evening hours dry for your July 4th festivities.

July 4th: Rain inches back into the region.
July 4th Forecast

10 Day Outlook

After July 4th, we will likely return to a typical summer pattern in Houston. Seasonably hot and humid with a slight chance each afternoon for heat-driven showers and storms.

Houston's 10 Day Forecast

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