Why It’s NOT Arbor Day in Texas!

from Click2Houston.com/pins
from Click2Houston.com/pins

HOUSTON – Happy Arbor Day (except in Texas, which we’ll get to in a minute)!

The cover shot and all my pics today are from Click2Houston.com/pins and you can peruse all of our pictures any time, and add some yourself. We all love the serenity of a nice tree-lined walk or park and while birds do a great job of transplanting seeds, people have a big role in planting trees, too. The first Arbor Day to celebrate tree-planting was April 10, 1872 in Nebraska with the mission of fostering the planting of trees.

Clearly, it caught on!

from Click2houston.com/pins
from Click2houston.com/pins

Allergy sufferers have admonished me with “We have enough trees! No more” so perhaps planting a tree yourself isn’t your idea of an Arbor Day Celebration. So here are some ideas from The Arbor Foundation:

1. Take a hike! You’ve heard that before, right? Beautiful weather for a nice walk all weekend!

2. Post a picture of your favorite tree on social media, use the hashtag #arbordayathome. Then they’ll plant a tree on your behalf…up to 50,000 trees total!

3. Get Creative. Here is a link to assist with some activities.

4. And, of course, get the kiddos involved! Here’s a page dedicated to kid crafts and Arbor Day!

So, why do most states celebrate Arbor Day the last Friday in April? Well, for most states (sometimes earlier and sometimes later), now is the ideal weather for tree planting.

But, not in Texas.

In fact, today’s high of 90F is a testament that today would be way too hot and much of Texas gets to 90 degrees in April. So our Arbor Day is designed for us Texans and our weather, thanks to the advice of Texas A&M — the First Friday of November! You can read more in The Dallas Morning News right here.

Happy Arbor Day! Here’s one of my favorite combinations....palm trees and a sunset!

from click2houston.com/pins
from click2houston.com/pins

By the way, did you know Palm Trees are technically not trees? Google it and have a wonderful weekend!

- Frank

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