Just how warm we are and how much we need the rain

And look at the global melting going on

Around the globe, temperatures are warmer than normal the last two months
Around the globe, temperatures are warmer than normal the last two months

It’s no surprise the wildflowers are growing, well, wild given the warm winter we’ve had and March has been no exception!

Our normal March highs range from 72-74 degrees and we’ve only been normal one day with a 72F on March 1st. I’m expecting 80+ today and that will bring 10 of 18 March days to 80 or higher -- yesterday’s 85F was our hottest day so far this year!

And while lows should average in the low 50s, we’ve seen 11 days this month only dropping into the 60s or 70s. So on both ends we are coming in much warmer than normal.

Hobby isn’t much different with a March 1st low of 71F and 10 of 18 days also at 80+.

Of course, warm air this time of year leads to a lot of foggy days because the Gulf water is cool. When the warm air slides over the cool air just above the ocean surface, it condenses into a land cloud, or fog. And we’ve seen plenty of it.

Foggy Morning over the city
Foggy Morning over the city

Fog wasn’t an issue this morning, but since January 1st we’ve had fog reported at Bush Airport for 42 days, Hobby Airport for 38 days and in Galveston for 46 days. And we’re only on day 78 of this year! That’s over 50% of the year we’ve had foggy mornings!

And if you haven’t noticed, we need rain! Only .77″ of rain has fallen officially this month which is more than an inch below normal. Factor in February with only 1.58″ and we are almost 3″ below normal for the two months. So let’s hope for a bit of rain Friday.

By the way, speaking of a changing climate and a warming world, an interesting article came out from NASA stating that Antarctica and Greenland are melting SIX TIMES faster than thirty years ago!


Check the article out here. I can assure you it’s worth your time.

If you like the warm weather, we have plenty more of it on the way, with a brief respite this weekend. For Saturday and Sunday, look for cooler temps with skies I like to call “drizzerable."


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