Tricky weather forecast

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HOUSTON – Tricky weather forecast for the next couple of days as a front settles over Southeast Texas with big differences between the northern and southern parts of the viewing area.

Huntsville in the 40s and Hobby airport in the upper 60s is an example of those differences.

Wind directions is also much different with north winds in the north and winds from the south along the coast with morning fog issues for the coastal counties and in the coastal waters where a marine dense fog advisory was scheduled to stay in place until 11 a.m.

The front is not expected to push through Saturday so that means we’ll have variable temperatures,  warmer to the south and colder to the north.  

Shower chances come into play Sunday morning as the front begins its move toward the coast followed by colder temperatures to begin the week. 

Rain chances also go way up all week so look forward to chilly and rainy conditions until next Sunday.

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