Officials keep close eye on Gulf as tropical system develops

HOUSTON – Authorities at the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management of Harris County are keeping an eye on the radar as a storm develops in the gulf.

“Our worst case scenario is that it develops into a tropical storm, and it moves into the west of us or south of us and we have a potential flooding event. We need to be prepared for that,” explained Mark Sloan, coordinator of the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management of Harris County.

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“Right now, we’re just monitoring, there’s a lot of variables that exist in the models that are out there,” Sloan said.

He said they currently have staff ready to go if they need to stay overnight to monitor the situation.

“Preparedness is something we should already be doing, it’s not something we should react to, we should be prepared for all types of risks and threats that exist here in our region,” Sloan said.

He said now is the time for people get ready for the hurricane season. Regardless of whether this storm hits our area or not.

“When we talk tropical, yes, a couple years ago it was Tropical Storm Bill, obviously Ike is a one people remember, we remember Katrina and Rita and we also remember Tropical Storm Allison and we can go farther back and mention other storms,” said Sloan. “That’s why we talk about being prepared for one storm, most people don’t know the storm name after Allison or the storms between Katrina and Rita, it’s those that impact us that we will remember forever and it’s the actions we take today that get us back to a new state of normal tomorrow.”

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