Several houses flooded in Danbury, couple with 6-month-old forced out of home

DANBURY – About 50 homes in Danbury flooded after heavy rains left more than 10 inches of water in the small town.

“I’ve been living here since 1979 and this is the first time that 2nd Street has ever been flooded,” said Matthew Smith of Danbury, whose home flooded for the first time. “No, we don’t have flood insurance; there was a lot of people here who don’t have it because we’re not expecting this much water.”

One woman was forced to move her family after rainwater flooded their home, she said.

Rachel Schoen, who lives on Avenue E, told Channel 2 that the water was so high Tuesday that she couldn’t see her driveway or the roads.

Schoen said she woke up to go to the bathroom and found her bedroom under water. She was home with her 6-month-old and called her husband, asking him to come home.

The family moved what furniture they could in vehicles and went to her in-laws' house, she said.

Schoen said it had been raining in her area all night but she had no idea it was going to get so bad.

VIDEO: More than 10 inches of rain causes flooding in Danbury 

She said the water was so high that her neighbor’s Durango was halfway underwater and she didn't think she and her family were going to make it out.

A family on 2nd Street woke up to water flooding their home.

"It was like a river was running through like water flowing from the back. The back was pouring in from the garage and then the water moving in from the rooms where it had accumulated and it was all coming together," Lacie Williams said.

Williams said all they can do now is work to clear the damage and hope it does not continue to rain.

"We'll hopefully get it dried up, put back together," Williams said.

PHOTOS: Flooding in Danbury

VIDEO: Families escape flooded homes in Danbury

It was a similar story along County Road 210, where high amounts of water caused damage to many peoples' cars.

“My truck is pretty much destroyed I guess you could say, it doesn’t turn on,” explained Angel Herrera. "It has rained (in the past),  but not to where it gets this bad, so this is my first time experiencing this.”


The district shut down Tuesday because of the widespread flooding in the town of Danbury, but classes will resume Wednesday.

Superintendent Greg Anderson told KPRC Channel 2 News in an email that the district received minor damage including a roof leak in the cafeteria and administration building.

Anderson said the main damage was in the maintenance building which had up to 6 inches of water. Staff worked most of the day removing carpet, furniture and equipment.


The Red Cross will set up a station at the Danbury Civic Center at 8 a.m. Wednesday with the Salvation Army, Brazoria County Dream Center and United Way. Volunteers will be passing out snacks and water, and handing out cleanup kits with rakes.

Many people said Tuesday that they did not have flood insurance. Brazoria Co. officials said it will reach out to the government to see if there is any aid to help people clean up.


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