Prepare Home, Belongings For Flooding


Before a tropical system makes landfall, homeowners are encouraged to take the following precautions.

  • Purchase the recommended emergency supplies and place in an easy-to-access location.
  • Use a video camera to record your home and property. It will serve as a record for the insurance company if a claim is filed.
  • Put all important paper documents, including photos, in zip lock plastic bags, and place in a portable container, such as a suitcase. It makes it easy to take with you if an evacuation is needed.
  • Move important and valuable items, such as electronics, to the second floor or a high shelf to protect them from water.
  • Bring in all unsecured items from the outside, such as lawn chairs and barbecue pits. Place the items inside a garage.
  • Bring your pets indoors.
  • Tape or board windows to reduce the risk of broken glass.
  • Have additional cash on hand for emergencies since ATMs may be out of service.
  • Fill your vehicle's gas tank and make sure it is working properly
  • Visit the American Red Cross Greater Houston Chapter for more information.