Level-up your tech with these helpful KPRC 2 apps

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From phones to tablets, from smart TVs to smart speakers, KPRC 2 has some apps that will help make your new tech even better.

Best of all? Installing and using them is easy.

Phone & tablet apps

Our suite of apps for phones and tables puts news, weather, sports and lifestyle in the palm of your hand. You can find all of them by searching “KPRC” in your app store. Just tap the download button, launch the app, set up your notifications and you’re good to go.

Here’s a list of our apps for phones and tablets:

  • News
  • Frank’s Forecast
  • Hurricane Tracker
  • Sports Frenzy
  • Houston Life

Smart TVs and streaming boxes

Joining the streaming world? Our KPRC 2 app brings our news on demand to your television. You’ll get to watch any videos that we post, plus you can watch KPRC 2 News live whenever we have a newscast. You can also watch live feeds from our weather cameras across Houston. Just search “KPRC” in the app stores on Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku TV to get started.