Coronavirus tracking app created in Houston

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Apple: It’s OK to wipe your iPhone with Clorox wipes

HOUSTON – Predictive Solutions, a Houston-based tech startup, has invented an online tracking tool that Harris County residents can use to keep up with local information regarding COVID-19.

According to Innovation Map, the web app uses a map tool to inform users of nearby testing locations and where cases have been self-reported in the area.

While not trying to be comprehensive, the website is trying to track trends with the disease, Innovation Map reports.

“We developed the app to help streamline communication between the City of Houston, the healthcare community, aid organizations and Harris County residents," said Co-founder and CEO of Predictive Solutions Stewart Severino said. “While mitigating the logistical nightmare of making sure presumed cases get tested.”

According to Innovation Map, the app can be used by federal, state and local officials as a data solution tool and to predict the new coronavirus trends.

The web app can be accessed online through desktop or mobile.

“By providing a mechanism for the city to monitor testing locations and enabling users to self-report symptoms, Predictive hopes to deliver a platform that can help officials gain a firm handle on the trending virus, allowing for decision-making that’s directly informed by data,” said Co-founder and CTO of Predictive Solutions Theo Patestos.

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