Revolution, Season 1 Finale

Look out for the second season of Revolution, coming soon!

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HOUSTON - And thus ends (or rather, temporarily halts) the saga that is Revolution. The Season 1 finale gave me pretty much everything I was looking for—a standoff between Miles and Monroe, a lil family reunion, some Captain Crazy Eyes doing what he does best— giving some major crazy eyes. Already can't wait for Season 2 (premiering on a television screen near you in the coming months)!

So. Sebastian and Miles. Monroe and Matthieson. The tale of bro love turned lethal. These two weren't just buddies from the army, or college, or even high school. We're talking small tyke friendship, which, as we all know, is the deepest kind. They grew up together, went through some dark/suicidal/Emo times together, joined the military together, experienced the Blackout together, witnessed injustice and fought against it together, and then started the Monroe Republic together. Oh how far we've come, Sebiles.

The gang makes its way to Philadelphia and hides out with Miles' only pseudo-friend when in storms CCE and Co. Luckily for the gang, Miles was out on an errand while the prisoner-taking was in process, so he's still around to save everyone. Charlie McCriesALot gets thrown into a jail cell with whom other than her very own previously-presumed-dead mother! They reunite. It's pretty awkward. So now we have the entire family—Charlie, Danny, and Rachel—in the same place at the same time. And then Sebastian pulls a Sophie's Choice and tells Rachel she either finishes the amplifier, giving Sebastian untold power and killing ability, or he'll have Psycho Strausser kill the child of her choice. Charlie slams down the martyr card and tells her mom not to do it, that her life isn't worth the thousands who will die if Monroe gets all that power, and puts herself right in front of Strausser. But Rachel just can't take it and says she'll build the damn thing. Can I get a collective "NoooOooOooOoooo!"?

Meanwhile, Miles outsmarts CCE and takes Thrifty Kitty (CCE's wife) at swordpoint, negotiates the release of Google Guy and Nora the Exploder, and locks both Captain and Mrs. Crazy Eyes in a closet. CCE promises revenge. Miles smirks and leaves to find the rest of his family. Back at the compound, it appears that Charlie and Danny need no help, as they break out of their jail cell using nothing but badassery and an air vent. They meet up with Miles and then go and find Rachel just as she's killing Psycho Face McGee aka Strausser dead. The Matthiesons are a feisty lot! Just as they're about to escape, Sebastian appears, and he and Miles have the epic battle scene we've all (read: Dena's) been waiting for this entire season. Sebastian gets all teary and weird, throws his weapon down and says he won't kill Miles. He just wants to be bro lovers again! Miles isn't really having it. Miles hurts Sebastian's feelings and makes him super bro-sad. SO THEY KNIFE FIGHT. Miles scurries away just as the army appears, and everyone makes it to safety!

Unfortunately, Sebastian now has a functioning amplifier... which means functioning helicopters, tanks, machine guns, all sorts of electronic killing devices. The gang has about 3 seconds to celebrate their reunion until a helicopter rises into the air and points a machine gun right in their direction.


Want to relive all of the Revolution action for yourself? Check out the full episode of the season finale right here on the KPRC Prime Blog:

Revolution Finale video

Thanks for reading with me this season, and as always, thanks for watching KPRC Local 2!