Astros fan spots Jose Altuve at H-E-B

By Erica Young - News Producer
Belkis Bustamante

HOUSTON - Yes, they are World Series champions. Yes, they are celebrities. Yes, they are at the top of their game. But they’re also just like us.

The Astros players live in Houston, and they do everyday things like go grocery shopping. So y’all -- there is a chance you might run into one of them.

That’s what happened to Belkis Bustamante. She was shopping at H-E-B on W. Alabama St. on Thursday and she spotted Jose Altuve! 

(Of course he shops at H-E-B! Did you see his new commercial?)

Bustamante was overjoyed when the American League MVP agreed to take a picture with her and even talked with her.

Turns out, Bustamante and Altuve have something in common: they are both from Venezuela. 

Bustamante said she told Altuve she was proud of him for what he's done and how well he represents their home country. He was very gracious and told her "thank you."

As for what Altuve was buying at the store, Bustamante said she didn't even see his cart. She was too flustered by the meeting to even get a look.

Have you ever spotted a Houston celebrity out and about around town? If so, tell us the who and where in the comments. Or even better, add a picture!

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