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FILE - In this July 19, 1980, file photo, a giant image of Misha, the Russian bear mascot of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games, greets athletes standing on the field of Moscow's Lenin Stadium during opening ceremonies of the competitions in Moscow. The image was created by 3,500 card-bearers. Overhead burns the Olympic flame. (AP Photo/File)

EDITORS — With the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press is looking back at the history of Summer Games. This story was published in the Huntsville Times on August 7, 1980. The story is published as it appears in the newspaper.


Life in Moscow may never be the same

Olympics May Cause Cultural Shock

By DAVID MINTHORN, Associated Press Writer

Life in Moscow is winding down after 16 days of Olympics euphoria, but Soviet society is likely to feel effects of the Summer Games for years to come.

Moscow was physically altered for the Olympics by construction of nine hotels and eight sports centers, and coats of bright paint on every major building.

Traffic is flowing freely again and open markets are crammed with fruits and vegetables with the lifting of domestic travel restrictions at the end of the Games last Sunday.