Plex gym gets creative to train Houston athletes during coronavirus pandemic

pro athletes rely on Plex to stay in shape

HOUSTON – Usually, at this time of the year, Plex is filled with athletes training and getting ready to head to the NFL.

“I think true colors are going to come out,” said Danny Arnold, director of Plex.

“A lot of athletes, we see them on Sunday, and they’re chiseled and they’re in great shape. But they’re in great shape because they’re forced to be in great shape,” he said.

Workouts have had to shift to a lot of online and outdoor training due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had to create a little studio,” said Arnold. “I’ve gone through the excuses where someone would say ‘I don’t have this and I don’t have that,’ and I’ve showed them that, ‘No, we can do every exercise for the most part that we do at Plex in your home.’”

Arnold’s workouts are always personalized, but they have been even more so during this pandemic.

“We put together a videotape for them that is going to give them an hour workout,” explained Arnold.

Plex will be able to re-open fully later in May as Texas begins to reopen. Until then, online and outside will have to do.