Altuve moved by Correa’s support of him; declines to comment on Bellinger remarks

HOUSTON – The Houston Astros had their first official full-squad workout Monday during spring training in Florida, bringing out all the position players on the field for two hours.

Jose Altuve spoke for the first time in the clubhouse Monday after Carlos Correa said in an MLB Network interview that Altuve did not take part in the trash can scheme of 2017.

Altuve said Correa’s gesture meant a lot to him.

“I like to always talk about team results,” Altuve said Monday after the workout.

“Like I already said, I take full responsibility for the team. I really appreciate what Carlos did. That really tells you what kind of person and teammate he really is. What he did to go out and defend his teammates, it was amazing,” Altuve added.

Altuve reiterated Monday that it was time to turn the page and prepare for the 2020 season.

“We are excited to be out here for the first day. The boys looked good and we are ready,” he said.

When asked about Los Angeles Dodger’s Cody Bellinger calling him out for stealing the 2017 MVP from Aaron Judge, Altuve chose to decline comment and instead focus on the team’s 2020 goals.