Meet the 3-year-old Astros fan who has baseball in his blood

Meet the Astros' littlest fan.

PEARLAND, Texas – Meet one little Astros fan who was born with baseball in his blood. 

Aaron Brooks is 3 years old and has been an Astros fan since the day he was born.

"Outside of 'Mama' and 'Dada,' his first words (was) ball and one of his first phrases (was), 'Let's go Astros!' " Aaron's mom, Melba Brooks, said. "He's been an Astros fan since the womb. We actually took our maternity shoot in the Astros' dugout, so he didn't have a choice but to be a fan. If you're going to do it you got to do it right, so I called up the Astros and asked, 'Can I take the pictures in the dugout,' and they said nobody had ever asked ... you never know if you don't ask."

Aaron smiles whenever he hears the name Jose Altuve and loves to cheer on the team.

"At the beginning every player (was) Altuve," Brooks laughed. "In this second series, he's learned Bregman."

This family never misses a moment and loves taking Aaron to the games.

"He gets to the game...all the fans love him," Brooks said. "At first they think he's not going to cheer, but he gets the crowd going."

Aaron got to go to his first World Series game Tuesday, and Brooks said it was a memorable experience for the family, one they will never forget.