Wanna bet? Houston breweries getting in on World Series fun with friendly wagers

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HOUSTON – The Astros and Nationals are preparing to face off in the 2019 MLB World Series, but what are sports without a friendly wager (or two)?

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is rooting for the Astros and is making its faith in the team known by making a bet with a Washington brewery.

The Houston brewery made a bet with the DC Brau Brewing Company that the Astros will take home the title of World Series champions for the second time and offered up its "finest brews" as collateral. 

According to a news release, the brewery that wins the bet will receive the other brewery's independent brews.

"While craft brewers love drinking their own beer, getting beer from another independent brewery as a payoff for a baseball bet tastes a little better, somehow," said Lennie Ambrose, chief marketing officer for Saint Arnold. "We're pumped to try some selections from DC Brau after the Astros sweep the Nationals."

Saint Arnold will be hosting watch parties for all the games so people can cheer on the ‘Stros. 

Not to be left behind, the Eureka Heights Brewing Company is also looking to place a friendly bet. 



The company reached out to multiple Washington breweries on Twitter, including DC Brau, to see if they wanted to place a wager on which team would win the series.

"Winner gets a case of beer, loser has to rep the winner's banner for a month," said the Houston brewery's post. 

So far none of the other breweries have responded to the wager.

Game 1 of the series is at 7:08 p.m. Tuesday at Minute Maid Park.

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