Life inside Yankee Stadium with Bronx Bomber fans

Bronx, NY – The phrase "Let's go Yankees" echoes throughout Yankee Stadium, nonstop. Many of the fans here are diehards and you can feel their energy hours before the first pitch.

They are trying to will their team to a win. Most of the time, that means screaming their head off and the occasional curse word when an opposing batter steps up to the plate. But some fans, have crossed the line this week according to reports.

Let's start with Zack Greinke. According to NJ.com reporter Brendan Kuty, a fan was escorted out of the stadium after he reportedly shouted insults to the starting pitcher. Kuty reports the fan was taking jabs at Greinke's battle with a social anxiety disorder. "I didn't hear anything," Greinke said after the game when asked about the situation.

In game 3 on Tuesday, Astros outfielder Josh Reddick said some fans were throwing trash at players on the field.

We've run into a bunch of Astros fans here. From what I can tell, most have had a good experience, doesn't hurt the Astros have won two straight at Yankee Stadium. Sure, Yankee fans are going to rib those wearing orange and blue, but I haven't seen anything that's crossed the line. There is a lot of security inside as well, so if something would happen, I'm pretty sure it would be handled quickly.
During both games here, I've sat high atop Yankee Stadium, on the 400-level in right field. You can see how badly these fans want a win. Every pitch seems like a do or die situation.

These fans are baseball smart, they know when it's time to stand and cheer as loud as they can. They haven't had much to cheer about this week and you can see the pain of their face.

I was standing in a hot dog line and I was wearing my channel 2 jacket, when a fan in his mid-20's asked me where I was from and I explained. He offered to buy me a beer, I said thank you but I was just getting some food. He talked about how concerned he was for his team. A minute later, while we were still in line, George Springer crushed a three-run homer.

I felt like I needed to buy him a beer.