Top quotes from Astros and Yankees' first practices ahead of Game 1

Houston – Last night, champagne and cigars. Today- preparing for a rivalry. 


Both the Yankees and Astros practices at Minute Maid today. Here's what the players and managers had to say:


1.) He's a great teammate. He wants to win, and it's alright if he's quiet." George Springer defended Zach Greinke's short answers in press conferences, by emphasizing that Greinke is a positive influence on the team.  


2.) "They deserve it as much as we do."- Michael Brantley when asked about the Astros' dedicated fans. 


3.) "This is a rivalry that's been created over the last few years. Everybody will think back to the 2017 epic seven-game series and expect this to top it. I hope it does, and I hope it's the same result." A.J. Hinch on this series. Hinch also noted that a lot of emotion will be involved. 


4.) "He's like the kid still pitching in Little League that was a little too good for the league." Yankees Manager Aaron Boone joked about Gerrit Cole, but was serious about the difficulty his team will face with so many good pitchers on the Astros.