Take a video tour of some of the more interesting spots KPRC 2 discovered in Tokyo


TOKYO – KPRC 2 anchor Christine Noël and videographer Adrian Crooks are doing more than just looking at what Tokyo is doing to prepare for the 2020 Summer Games this week, they are diving deep into the culture.

Noël and Crooks visited some of Tokyo’s most popular destinations, learned a lot and had a little fun.

Here’s a look:

200 different Kit Kats?

Did you know Japan has over 200 flavors of Kit Kats? In Japan, they’re considered good luck. Noël and Crooks set out to find some and you’ll be pretty shocked about some of the flavors they discovered.

How does dried blowfish taste?

Crooks dared Noël to eat a dried blowfish during a trip to the Tsukiji fish market. One interesting – or maybe scary fact – you shoud know is that blowfish are poisonous if they’re not treated correctly before eating.

Just how high up is the Tokyo Tower?

Noël and Crooks took their tour to new heights inside Tokyo Tower. It’s an interesting place for Crooks to visit since he is afraid of heights.

A visit to the Kaminarimon Gate

Here they visited the grand Kaminarimon Gate, located at the entrance of the Sensoji Temple.

Was it a lucky trip?

Noël checked her luck at a street market in Tokyo. Luck apparently was not on her side. See why.