TOKYO 2020: 'Let's 55 Event' invites public to try out Olympic sports

KPRC 2 Anchor Christine Noël got to try her hand at some of the sports

TOKYO – As Tokyo celebrates one year to go until the 2020 Olympics, several events were held all around the city in honor of the day. 

The “Let’s 55 Event” was a family-friendly event held in the heart of downtown Tokyo at the Tokyo International Forum, plaza and lobby gallery.



The title of the event stands for the 33 Olympic sports and the 22 Paralympic sports in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Combined, they make up the 55 sporting events. 

Attendees of the fun outdoor and indoor event were able to try their hand at 15 of the 33 Olympics sports including basketball, fencing, badminton, volleyball and karate among others.

A few Olympic athletes were also on hand to interact with the public as was the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mascot Miraitowa.



The “Let’s 55 Event” for the one-year countdown until the Paralympic Games will be held on Aug 24. 

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