These Houston Astros fans are fuming: Best fan reactions to the pitch that hit Jake Marisnick

HOUSTON – Houston Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick gracefully faced down an 89 mph pitch to the back Tuesday night in Anaheim, California against the Los Angeles Angels. 

Some are applauding the Astros player for his calm reaction to the pitch as he took his base, as well as how he handled his fellow players -- telling them to get back into the dugout after words were exchanged between players. 

See the whole incident here:

It was the first game versus Los Angeles since a violent home-plate collision with catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Lucroy’s nose was broken and he had a concussion from the home plate smashup.

Astros manager AJ Hinch showed his displeasure on and off the field.

Fans, too, have shared their feelings about the incident on social media. Here are some of the posts discussing the Marisnick incident. Please be aware -- some strong language is included in these social media posts.





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