5 tantalizing questions about the JJ Watt-Kealia Ohai engagement

Images shared on Instagram by Kealia Ohai of herself and J.J. Watt.
Images shared on Instagram by Kealia Ohai of herself and J.J. Watt. (Kealia Ohai/Instagram)

HOUSTON – Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt and Houston Dash star Kealia Ohai got engaged recently, according to social media posts shared Sunday night by the longtime couple on their individual accounts.

We got a good look at their sweet engagement, but so many questions remain about how it all went down and what’s next for the couple.


Where did the engagement take place?

The 10 photos published on Watt’s Instagram account show crystal-clear water, a stunning rocky outcrop and a beach house in the distance. The posts don’t give an indication of where the Instagram-worthy engagement happened, but we’ll keep looking for clues as to where this beautiful spot is located. Do you have an idea of where it happened? Share your guesses in the comments.

What does the ring look like close up?

Ohai shared a photo of herself looking at the ring and with her arm around Watt's neck, but the images don’t give away much. Is it pear-shaped? Is it blue – or was that just the light? We’ll be looking for more high-resolution images for a better look at the ring. But who are we kidding – the look on Ohai’s face is brilliant enough for now.

Whose yacht is that?

A massive yacht is shown in the background of several of the images. Is it Watt and Ohai’s? If not, it just made a big photobomb on their engagement.

Who took those photos?

While a photographer isn’t listed on the images shared on social media, the shots are great and capture the moment in just the right ways. We applaud the photographer or photographers for capturing the intimate moments, but also giving the couple the space they needed for the surprise.

Where will they get married?

Houston would be the best choice, of course, but a hometown wedding in Wisconsin for Watt or Utah for Ohai are also possible. However, judging from this engagement and the couple’s past under-the-radar behavior, a quiet destination wedding for a select group of family and friends could realistically be on the horizon.

What questions do you have about the Watt and Ohai engagement? Share yours in the comments. 

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