How does Indy 500 compare to Houston traffic? NBC announcer weighs in

HOUSTON – The heart-stopping turns and knee-jerking moments keep the more than 350,000 race fans coming back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway year after year.

Danica Patrick, Mike Tirico and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are a few of the NBC Sports announcers for the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500.

KPRC2 reporter Sofia Ojeda sat down with them to talk about what people can expect.

"Any kind of information that gives the viewer a better perspective of what’s going on out there, and behind the scenes … is, I think, a good story," Patrick said. 

It's the first time in over 100 years that the race will air on NBC Sports, and the commentators are ready for anything that comes their way.

"I'm just going to see this stuff and go, ‘That's cool,’ or, you know, ‘I love this,’” said Earnhardt Jr. “It’ll be fun. Me and (Rutledge Wood) work well together … Basically, when I am done working with (Wood), I want people to go, ‘Man, I’m buying a ticket next year. That looked great.’”

It will look great on NBC all over the country, and at home in H-town, and for those wondering, driving in Houston is not much different than the Indy 500.

"Speed (is the major difference), especially (in) Houston traffic. I-10 is a complete nightmare,” Tirico said. “I think you are just as close car-to-car and wheel-to-wheel, however going at 2 mph and 220 mph is just a slight difference. It's probably the biggest difference from Houston rush hour traffic."

Lots of fans will be filing in Friday for Miller Lite Carb day. It is the final practice before the Indy 500. There will also be a concert with chart-topping group Kool & The Gang.

The race will start at 11:19 a.m. Sunday.