Hilarious: Moody Gardens' penguin named Watt 'preps' for Saturday's game


HOUSTON – A 5-year-old penguin at Moody Gardens named Watt is “preparing” for Saturday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

In an adorable, game-style video Moody Gardens officials gave the penguins a football and watched what happened. Basically, the penguins – including Watt -- shooed the ball into their water feature. 

Watch the 3 feet tall, 35 pounder’s moves in the video above or the social post below.

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King Penguin Watt Preps For Saturday's Playoff

Watt is preparing for Saturday's Houston Texans 🏈Playoff Showdown with the Indianapolis Colts, but we're not talking about JJ. Here's Moody Gardens' own King Penguin 🐧 named Watt. He is big. He's tough, and he's always playoff-ready just like his namesake JJ Watt!

Posted by Moody Gardens on Friday, January 4, 2019

The King penguin met its namesake, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, in 2013. 

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