Potential playoff scenarios for Houston Texans


HOUSTON – There is nothing better than late December football with playoff spots still up for grabs. That’s where the Texans find themselves after 14 games.

After this week’s NFL games, the Texans are sitting in a nice position in the potential playoff picture.

Now sitting at 10-4 after beating the Jets over the weekend, they are now the two-seed in the AFC. Houston holds a comfortable two-game lead in the AFC South, but has yet to clinch a playoff berth although that is on the horizon.

If the Texans win on Sunday in Philadelphia, they will win the AFC South title and officially clinch a spot in the playoffs. They could also clinch a playoff berth with either a Pittsburgh loss (who plays the Saints in New Orleans) OR the Texans could know as early as Saturday if the Ravens lose OR tie in San Diego against the Chargers. That would also clinch a playoff spot. 

Houston can clinch a first-round bye with a win over Eagles AND a New England loss or tie against the Bills OR a Texans tie and New England loss. The most likely scenario for the Texans is to remain the 2 seed.

The Texans will close out the regular season Dec.30 at home against Jacksonville. They could open the playoffs the following weekend or be off if they can earn a bye. The team resumes workouts and begins preparing for the Eagles on Wednesday at NRG Park.