Carmelo Anthony traded to Atlanta, expected to be waived

Anthony should be one step closer to free agency

(Getty Images)

HOUSTON – This offseason, it became clear that Carmelo Anthony was not going to play another game for the Oklahoma City Thunder and now the Thunder have reportedly traded Anthony.

Reports from ESPN and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Anthony has been traded to the Atlanta Hawks as part of a three-team deal. Now the wheels are now in motion for Anthony to choose his final destination.

The offseason scuttlebutt has been centered around guessing who he would be playing for this upcoming season.

All signs indicate that choice will be to play with the Houston Rockets.

Anthony's stay in Atlanta is expected to be very brief as he's expected to be waived. Once he clears waivers, he would become an unrestricted free agent in line to sign with whatever team he can agree to a deal with.

He has long been pursued by the Rockets, not just this offseason, but in previous seasons, even dating back to his time with the Denver Nuggets.

Anthony has been on the court recently with Rockets point guard Chris Paul during some workout sessions and Paul has reportedly been talking to Anthony about joining the Rockets.

His one and only season with the Thunder was underwhelming for Anthony. The 15-year veteran averaged 16.2 points per game, the only time in his career, his season scoring average has dipped below 20 points per game. 

But Anthony shot 36% from behind the three-point line and did so for the second consecutive season while setting career highs in three-point attempts in both seasons. 

The Rockets reportedly met with Anthony while a huge portion of the Rockets management team was in Las Vegas for summer league. The Heat have also reportedly met with Anthony.