This is how Olympians ride escalators

Fabian Bosch
Fabian Bosch (Instagram/Fabian Bosch)

We all know that Olympians are incredible athletes in their sports, but can they do spectacular things in everyday life?

One Swiss skier answered that question Monday in PyeongChang, South Korea..

Fabian Bosch, of the Switzerland Freestyle Ski Team, posted a video to his Instagram page of a unique way to ride an escalator.


His teammate, Jonas Hunziker, shot the video of Bosch innocently walking alongside a man as he entered the escalator. Bosch, wearing his Swiss ski jacket and hat, walks on the outside of the escalator at the same pace as the man on the escalator.

Bosch can then be seen grabbing onto the escalator handrail while he's on the left side of the escalator. 

He slowly starts to rise, hanging on only by the grip of his right hand, as the escalators carries him up and up and up.

Bosch's leg's remain straight as he hangs on to the top.

The escalator passenger looks back at Bosch in amazement and does a double-take.

Then Bosch grabs the floor of the upper level with his left hand and raises himself up, jumping onto the floor, then over the escalator railing with ease.

The whole thing is impressive.

Bosch's post read, "After 20 years I still couldn't figure out how this thing works! Am I doing it right?"

Yes, yes you are.

Watch the video here: