In subzero temperatures, Minneapolitans welcome fans to Super Bowl LII

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Super Bowl Live is in full swing in downtown Minneapolis, heating up the nights as the temperatures hover around 1 degree.

The outdoor concerts for Super Bowl LII are on Nicollet Mall. Think of it as a smaller, colder Discovery Green.

But, Minneapolis natives like Felicia Cluraghty aren’t phased in the least.

While licking an ice cream cone outdoors, Cluraghty said, “I wish it was like this all the time. It’s amazing. It’s like we’re visitors.  So awesome for people to see Minneapolis is not just a flyover state. It’s amazing. I love it!”

Those looking to escape the cold are finding white hot deals inside the nearby Bloomington's famous Mall of America.

With nearly 5 million square feet of shopping, more than 500 stores and 50 restaurants, it’s a day trip in and of itself.

Everything you need to bundle up for the frigid weather is right at your fingertips.

Super Bowl LII crew volunteer and Minneapolis native Nancy Oelschlager said, “I am so hot. I’m wearing all these layers. Some people just come here to walk around all four levels. You can really break a sweat.”

 Oelschlager scored an NFL Super Bowl letter jacket at Macy’s that she said is the hottest selling item right now.

With this weekend set to be the coldest Super Bowl on record, buying up lots of layers will certainly be a football fan’s best bet.