7 best moments of 2017 World Series


HOUSTON – Friday marks one month since the Astros won the World Series. True fans have been reliving all the best moments in their heads for 30 days now. So we just decided to compile them into one glorious list. 

1. Game 2 at Dodger Stadium was one of the best games in World Series history. Had this moment not happened, the Astros might have returned home down two games to zero. Marwin Gonzalez stepped up to the plate in the ninth inning, and with two strikes against him, took Kenley Jansen deep. The solo home run tied it up 3-3.

2. Game 2 got evening more exciting in extra innings. That’s when Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa hit back-to-back home runs. Altuve’s home run gave the Astros a 4-3 lead. Then Correa stepped up and hit one out of the park as well.

3. Game 5 at Minute Maid Park was not only one of the best in World Series history, it was one of the best baseball games ever. Period. There were many moments that will be burned in every Astros fan’s brain, starting with Yuli Gurriel’s three-run homer off Clayton Kershaw in the fifth inning. That tied the score and gave the Astros life. 

4. Remember in Game 5 in the top of the seventh inning when George Springer dove to catch a line drive to center field, missed it, and let the Dodgers score a run and take the lead? No? Us either. That’s because he erased that moment from our collective memory when he stepped up to the plate as the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the seventh and blasted the ball to the train tracks. It was the first pitch and a 95 mph fastball. #redemption #springerdinger

5. Yet another Game 5 moment to remember: After the Dodgers brought in three runs in the ninth inning, pushing the game into the tenth inning, Alex Bregman became a Houston hero. He answered with one of the most exciting walk-off hits in Astros history. The single brought in pinch-runner Derek Fisher for the game-winning run. The game lasted five hours, 17 minutes, with the Astros winning 13-12.

6. Another amazing moment from Game 5 happened in the stands. When Yasiel Puig sent a ninth-inning home run into the Crawford Boxes,  a woman named Sarah Head caught it. But just seconds later, another fan ripped the ball from her hands and threw it back onto the field. It turns out, that fan was Head’s brother-in-law. When we interviewed Kirk Head, he said it all happened very fast: “I don't even remember grabbing it and throwing it. I was just like, it's got to go." His sister-in-law was a good sport about it. She told us: "He's such a huge Astros fan that I'm happy for him that he had that moment, because it was so important to him I guess. Obviously."

7. Game 7 was great in so many ways, because the Astros won. But there was that moment afterward that everyone is still talking about: when Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez, on live television. She said yes, and now they are #couplegoals for the entire world.