8 awesome Astros hats that you have got to get


HOUSTON – You’ve already got the World Series champs hat (or you’ve ordered it and you’re tracking your shipment every 15 minutes). I mean, you are a true Astros fan, after all. But now you’re searching for something more. Something different. Something to set you apart.

We found some options. 

Sweet throwback

If you’re a sucker for the throwback rainbow look, American Eagle has a cap that you might want to add to your collection. It’s sold online only. The website says there are only a few left, so if you can’t live without it, act fast.

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For fans with an edge

New Era is known for its head-wear. So, it’s probably not surprising to learn that the company has a fairly big Astros inventory. But one cap just jumps right out at you. It takes just one word to describe it: leather.

For the fan with an edge who likes to support their team in bold fashion, this could be the hat you’re looking for.

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The home run

This is a hat for true Astros fans, like KPRC 2 producer Cynthia Capers. It takes some extra effort (and cash), but the end result is totally worth it. The hat is not sold as it appears in the picture. Cynthia purchased it at LIDS and had them add the number and signature of each starting player. She finished it off with a Houston Strong logo. We think the finished product is a home run.

Texas love

What Astros fan wouldn’t love a cap with the state of Texas on it? This one has it. If that doesn’t convince you, there’s a little rainbow stripe action to reel you in. We found versions of this hat at Academy and Fanatics.

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A need for knit

Maybe you’re going on a ski trip, or you’re just counting on that one day Houston gets “kind of” cold. This cozy knit hat at Dick’s could keep you warm and show off your Astros pride at the same time.

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Make visors cool again

Just try it. See what happens. We're sure all your friends will want to copy you. After all, you're a trendsetter, right? In all seriousness, though, it's a pretty sweet hat -- well, visor.

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Support in style

Okay, this hat doesn’t even appear to be on sale, but it’s awesome, right? This producer has been obsessed with it for a few months, but can’t find it anywhere. I swear I saw it in the team shop early this season (should have bought it then!), but now it’s gone. It may have been a fan giveaway item at a game in May. Anyway, if you see it somewhere, you should buy it (for me!).


I didn’t say all the hats on this list could actually be worn. Sports Fan Island has this cool piece of Astros memorabilia that you put together yourself. It's sort of a Legos project meets 3D puzzle.

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