82-year-old Astros fan, cancer survivor said games are therapy

HOUSTON – It’s an exciting time for the entire community, but especially for one 82-year-old man in The Heights. 

Frank Almanza is recovering from cancer and says Astros baseball is his therapy.

“I’ve seen him get goose bumps. I’ve seen him ring the cow bell with his own little special train or dance with the cow bell,” Almanza's daughter Kate said.

He has been watching the Astros closely in the postseason and fulfilling another ritual of wearing a rosary and saying a prayer.

“Take good care of the Astros. I leave them in your hands," Almanza prayed. "Hopefully they’ll win many, many more games.”

He said he has supported the team for more than 50 years.

“Whatever time I have left, I want to enjoy every day and watch the Astros too,” Almanza said.

He is recovering from stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. When he was diagnosed three years ago, the Air Force veteran quickly started chemotherapy.

“When the doctor came in and said, ‘How you’re feeling,’ I said, 'Bad because I’m not watching the games,'" Almanza said.

 From then on, his family and doctors made sure that happened.

“To me it’s a therapy and it makes me happy,” Almanza said.

 As his treatment continues, he prays this is the year.

“I think we have the best team ever,” Almanza said. "Hopefully they would win the series and go to the World Series, and win the World Series and my dream will be completed. Then I can leave this world happy.”

Almanza turns 83 on Dec. 3.

Next year he said he won't miss opening day with his two sons.