Off they go

I love the underdog. In this case, it was a Gamecock.

South Carolina is a state I have been to many times and spent more than a few bucks helping my daughter get her undergrad degree. She has paid me back many times over. The first few times I was in the state I saw all the "Carolina" signs and of course I figured they were from the other Carolina. The one to the north. One of the favorite things to sell in South Carolina is fireworks. I don't know for sure but I bet they got a work out after the win over Florida.

Frank Martin is the coach of the Gamecocks and he often looks scary. He seemed scarier when he was the coach at Kansas State. He is mellow compared to those days. Playing and coaching in the shadow of Kansas can't be easy, and I bet Frank smiled when he realized his one-time nemesis won't be making the trip to suburban Phoenix.

It was fun watching the Carolina fans at Madison Square Garden. Fans used to "Piggy Pork" were paying $10 for New York hot dogs. Franks Bar near Myrtle Beach had fans toasting after ever hoop. The Marines at Parris Island gave the team a few "Ooorahs."  I even broke out my Wofford T-shirt. The Terriers had represented South Carolina in the tourney more times than the guys from Columbia.

I didn't do a bracket this season but had I done so I can assure you I wouldn't have had South Carolina in the Sweet 16 let alone the Final 4. And lo-and-behold they might play that other Carolina in the final.

No one saw that.