Not this time

I am going to do something I CAN'T remember ever doing in March.

More correctly, I am NOT going to do something. I am not filling out an NCAA bracket. Sorry ESPN. Sorry CBS,  Sorry radio group I once worked for. I have decided there is too much to worry about without keeping track of East Tenn.St.or Northern Kentucky. My pals think Villanova will repeat. They also think the school is in Mexico. The double L must have thrown them off course..The main reason I am not playing this year? I don't have a dog in the hunt. No Salukis, No Georgia Bulldogs, no Wofford Terriers. I can't get excited except when Coach K plays Rick Pitino. Just for Men stock goes up 30%.

Americans call in sick,  watch games at work, and in general seem to think they know what's going on. They don't. Some think the Gonzaga team's nickname is Zags. I am remembering when several students were arrested at that school for having a substance rolled in ZIG ZAGS. Maybe that's how the Bulldogs got their 2nd nickname. TEXAS has 3,000 schools playing college basketball but somehow only Baylor, SMU, and Texas Southern made the field. TSU drew North Carolina. End of story. Baylor and SMU will both be upset victims. Wichita St. is a 30 win team that hardly anyone outside the Midwest has ever seen. They might win twice.

I am going to give you one hint as to how to fill out the bracket. Perhaps in English would be a starter. Unless you are rooting for the Mexican kids at Villanova.