Take 2 and hit to right

Baseball lends itself to long stories in between pitches. If a player has a number higher than 77, the stories get even better. Those guys are always on the bubble and more than likely are headed for the minor league camp in another week or so.

Here's an example:

"That'll bring up Spivas with 2 out and no one on for THE BRAVES. Spivas was president of the 6th grade and had only 1 day absent in a brilliant 11-year elementary career.  He was the 78th player taken in the RULE  34 DRAFT involving Americans who had passed the Postal Service exam.

"Spivas is one of those guys you can count on to buy beer. However, he is only 18 so he can only buy it on the sly, but that is what the scouts like about him. He is a threat to steal as was everyone else in his class.

"Ball one. High and away" 

In a season that includes more pretend games than some sports have real games, baseball still rocks.

I HAVE OFTEN wished the Astros would do away with the roof at their ballpark. In the event of rain we would get even more really cool stories. Who wouldn't want to know how Spivas hit for the cycle in 7th grade?

I have got to try to remember the second verse to, "Who hit Nelly in the Belly with a Fungo Bat."